Thursday, April 18, 2013

Project Home Inventory (Bedrooms)

***The following series is boring and functional. Nevertheless, if you want to buy some of my stuff, read on. Your regularly scheduled exciting, poignant and tear-jerking posts will resume after these messages.***

My April goal is entitled "Project Home Inventory". As we will be selling/giving away everything in preparation for our cross-Atlantic move in June(ish), I've been trying to think of the best way of clearing out. I've been clearing out slowly every since the start of the year as part of my Simplicity project anyway, but now it's getting close to time to get serious about it.

I will be going through each room in my house and making an inventory of what is to be sold or given away.

As things get claimed, I'll mark them off the list. As I find things I forgot to mention, I'll add them to the top (with stars to denote new items).

Happy (even though it's also kinda sad) shopping!


Retro 1980s style Teasmade Alarm (works!!) - 50 (or best offer)
Loft bed with ladder - 20
Black Wrought Iron Ikea Daybed (heart design) - 20
2x single mattresses (with beds, FREE, alone 10 each)
Single brown wood wardrobe x2 - 20 each
Double brown wood wardrobe x1 - 30
Dresser (needs new handles and sanded or painted) - 10
Child size red table - FREE
Over the door hanging full length mirror - red
Small TV - 20
Stereo (cd, cassette, radio) - new - bought at Xmas - 20
Cloth nappy pail - FREE
CD alarm clock (CD part works only sometimes but otherwise works) - FREE
Black Ikea Billy DVD shelf x1
Black Ikea Billy bookshelves x3 (large)
Black Ikea Billy CD shelves x3 FR
Futon with cushion (folds out into a double)- 20
Baby Dresser with 2 bedside tables - FREE
Dresser (great condition, sturdy) - 25
2x Ikea toy boxes (one with flower decorations) - 5 each LDon
Small Pink heart 9 slot wall shelves - 5 LDon
Small pink dvd player -15 KStr
King size mattress (less than 1 year old)  - 20 LDon
3x black Ikea nesting tables SIrv
Black Ikea Billy bookshelves x2 (med)
16 shelf EXPEDIT toy shelf


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Lori, what kind of stereo is the cd, cassette, radio, is it quite small and self contained? Wanted something to play Lily's cds on Ruth M x

  2. I wouldn't call it *small* but it's not massive. It's boombox size. It sits on top of the kids' bookshelf right now. It is self-contained, probably about 1.5 or 2 feet long, approx 8 inches high.


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