Saturday, April 20, 2013

Project Home Inventory (Toys & Baby)

***The following series is boring and functional. Nevertheless, if you want to buy some of my stuff, read on. Your regularly scheduled exciting, poignant and tear-jerking posts will resume after these messages.***

My April goal is entitled "Project Home Inventory". As we will be selling/giving away everything in preparation for our cross-Atlantic move in June(ish), I've been trying to think of the best way of clearing out. I've been clearing out slowly every since the start of the year as part of my Simplicity project anyway, but now it's getting close to time to get serious about it.

I will be going through each room in my house and making an inventory of what is to be sold or given away.

As things get claimed, I'll mark them off the list. As I find things I forgot to mention, I'll add them to the top (with stars to denote new items).

Happy (even though it's also kinda sad) shopping!

**Many of these items will also be at our Table Top Sale on 18 May, but here's your chance to get in now before they are sold to strangers! Assorted items can be perused and chosen from if you are a friend who is able to come by and see them at the house.

**All Toy and Baby money is going to Fifi, Lolly and Jaguar, which they will use to buy new toys in America, since they can't take very many with them. :(

*Newly Added:
Box full of assorted Peppa Pig figurines, houses, cars, rocketships, laptops, etc - £20 for whole box, or you can buy individual items
Learning Laptop (complete with power plugs and mouse, I think recommended 8 years +) - £10

Plastic toy shop/fruit market - £10
Baby Bouncer (quite new) - £10
Bumbo - 5
Floor Mat Baby Play Station - 5
box of assorted cars -£5
assorted Barbies -£1 each
big bag of assorted ELC toy instruments - £25 for bag or £2 each
Drum with instruments stored inside - £5
2x Cabbage Patch (1 boy, 1 girl) dolls - £5 each or £8 for both
assorted stuffed animals -50p for small, £1 for med, £2 for large
assorted Children's games -£1 each
Plastic dolls house with people/furniture -£donation
Plastic castle with people - £donation
Plastic Thomas the Tank train set - £donation
assorted dressing up outfits - £1 each
pink acoustic guitar - £10
Learn to Spell Teddy Bears Set (5x teddies + assorted velcro alphabet letters) - £5
Bag full of wooden blocks - £5
Bag of Mega Bloks - £5
Box of Legos - £5
Box of Mechanix - £5
Vtech First Steps Baby Walker (pushing toy) -£5
Toy Medical box with supplies - £3
Box full of Play-Do Dog accessories and box of cutters - £3
Assorted childrens books - 50p each
Large red-framed cartoon giraffe wall picture - £2
Multi-photo (15 photos, I think) red wall frame - £2
3x Red wooden square framed IKEA mirrors - £5
Toy hoover - £3
Toy rocking horse - £donation
Box of baby toys - £donation
Black IKEA hanging mesh toy storage - £1
assorted childrens jigsaws - £1 each
Plastic toy kitchen - £10
Ikea chalk board/ marker board easel - 5
Box of Farm Duplos - £5
Peppa Pig Picnic Tea Set - £3
Aquadoodle mat - £2
2x toy prams - £5 for both

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