Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My First Car Boot Sale

I'm getting ready to reserve a pitch at my first car boot sale.  I've been selling loads of clothes and small items on eBay but still have so many larger items to get rid of that would be too much effort to post.  I've finally convinced Scott I am ready and recovered enough from childbirth to sell my junk at a car boot sale. 

I might allow Fifi to join me, with the understanding that money made from any toys of hers that I am selling (or any toys she decides to sell of her own volition) is hers to put towards her iPad she is saving up for, and hopefully that will reduce the chance of her crying over seeing them go.

On second thought, she'll probably cry anyway.  I'll need to think that one over a bit more...

I saw the ad for pitches Monday but never jotted down the phone number, so I'm going back to where I found the ad (the Greenock cinema*), and I'm going to phone up tomorrow.

Goodbye bags of kids' toys, box of DVDs, old baby stuff and Simpsons donut maker.  I hope you make me a few bob in return for your new homes.  That which does not sell will get lovingly charity shopped.


*Scott and I will be at the cinema anyway tonight to see The Bourne Legacy.  Still deciding if bringing Jaguar with us will piss off too many people.  It's not like he'll be a distraction; if he starts to stir, I'll just get out my boob!

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