Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School Lunch

I used to be really motivated with packing bento boxes for my kids, back before they were in school. I think back then I had a lot more time and energy for making bentos, when it was only one every couple of days. But trying to do it every day is hard work.

I had big plans for starting back up the bentos for this school year, but I failed miserably by not getting to the grocery store this week before school started today. However, I still managed a healthy and varied lunch for Fifi's lunch bag.

Today's Lunch:
Tuna Mayo Wrap
Cherry Tomatoes
Babybel Cheese
Homemade Jelly (Jello)
Fresh Strawberries
Mars Bar Treat (from Granny)
Fresh Orange Juice

And of course, the ever important My Little Pony napkin. When I remember, I also like to stick in a little piece of paper with a joke on it. Will need to print some off this weekend.

What do you put in your packed school lunches?

(I couldn't resist adding a couple of First Day of School photos of the girls too.)

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