Friday, August 24, 2012

Draft Posts Unveiled!! - Volume 1

So, I just noticed that I have 24 draft posts sitting here on this blog unpublished. I started reading through a few of them, and have found some gems.

New series: Draft Posts Unveiled!

(Or would Draft Posts Unplugged or Draft Posts Gone Wild be better options?)

February 1, 2005:
Excerpt from Greenock Telegraph

BIG cat hunter Mark Fraser believes there could be a puma, two lynx and a leopard living in the countryside around Kilmacolm.

Some claim it is a puma, others a leopard, but Mark says it is more likely to some kind of hybrid cat.

He said: "The descriptions people are giving are of a leopard but they are saying it has pointed ears which a leopard doesn't have."

September 28, 2009:
Word of Caution

If you are looking for a stock image of a little old sweet grandma for display purposes, do not type 'granny' into Google images. Trust me.

Date Lost Due To My Ignorance but circa 2008-9:
Boobs On A Plane!

Yeah, yeah so it's old news, but I just read about this today. And it fired me RIGHT up.

So a woman was asked to leave the aircraft for breastfeeding. Instead of the usual approach of bitching about why this is so wrong, let's do a little For/Against Debate, shall we? I'm going to use many of the common arguments I've read on blog comments and forums today. For clarification, For is For Breastfeeding in public and Against is Against it.

Against: It's indecent.
For: It's natural.
Against: So is sex and pooping, but there are appropriate places to do that, and public isn't one of them.
For: That's the most ignorant thing I've ever heard.

Against: It makes me uncomfortable to see a woman whip out her tits and flop them all around.
For: A) I've never met a woman (yet) who 'whips out her tits' and 'flops them all around' while breastfeeding. In fact, most women are very happy and very likely to be as discreet as possible. You've probably passed hundreds of women breastfeeding and didn't even know it. B) Even if a woman did, do you not have the ability to look away? She's feeding her child; why is that so uncomfortable?
Against: I just don't see why she couldn't just cover up.
For: Well, would you like all the women on Friday night in their low-cut tops to cover up?
Against (male): ...
For: Furthermore, would you like to cover YOUR head when eating (or sit in the bathroom or what have you)? Furthermore, have you BEEN on a delayed flight? Have you FELT the heat? Would YOU like to cover your face with a blanket to avoid offending people? Furthermore, have you TRIED to put a blanket over a 22-month old's face? Do you think she would've stood for it?
Against: Yeah that totally reminds me, the freak was breastfeeding a two year old! That's indecent enough as it is.
For: ...
Against: Ha!
For: Can you give me any reason for why that's indecent?
Against: Because, like, it's a kid who's old enough to, like, talk!
For: ...
Against: ...

Against: I don't want my husband seeing another woman's boobs!
For: Lock your husband in a closet, then, honey. You won't avoid The Boob in this day and age. Oh, and cancel your subscription to the Victoria's Secret catalog.

Against: I think breastfeeding in public is just embarrassing! Don't make everyone else uncomfortable because you have some kind of stance to take.
For: For the last time, if breastfeeding (which happens to be the unrefuted best possible way to nourish your child) makes you uncomfortable, look away. The Boobs don't get up, walk over to you, and settle in for a meal right in front of your averted eyes.

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