Monday, August 13, 2012

Cute, Crazy or Out of Control?

When you have your first child, you are the cutest you will ever be.  You are also the most annoying you will ever be.

When I was pregnant with Fifi, every little niggle was drama.  Ohh my aching back.  Ohh my raging hormones.   Ohh my fill-in-the-blank common pregnancy ailment.  But I was ever so cute with my little bump and my new pregnancy clothes, and it was great all the attention you get when you are pregnant with your first.  And then when I actually gave birth to Fifi, I was ever so precious about everything; I barely even let Scott, her own daddy, hold her because she was MINE and only I knew how to take care of her.  I couldn't get anything done because of the baby.  But all of this is quite cute and endearing really because first time mums are just incredibly cute and endearing.  Cutest and sweetest you'll ever be.

Then you have your second baby, and the cuteness factor returns but only some.  You now realise babies are much easier than toddlers.  You now have a few tricks up your sleeve for getting things done around the baby and the older child.  You are far better at coping, which makes you look more grown up and responsible but less cute and endearing.  Still, people like you.

Then, should you have a third (or fourth or fifth), all cuteness levels are gone.  You are now considered crazy but expected to have the whole thing under control.  You should now know how to literally juggle three kids, plus a house, and often a partner and a job.  Whether any of this is true (it's probably not), you are no longer cute if you get overwhelmed, no longer adorable if you pick your baby up at the first cry (or conversely, you are not in control if you don't or can't pick your baby up at first cry) and you are no longer forgiven if the mess piles up.

At least that's how it feels from this angle!  But I don't mind, because I realise that I looked at other mums the same way, and probably still do.  I still think first time mums are so sweet and us multiple time mums are just too busy (and old?) to be that cute.  I sort of assume we are all just getting on with it, and we probably are, really.  But I can assure you, as far as the juggling goes, we won't be joining the circus anytime soon.

...unless it's as a side show!

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