Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NOW Back to Normal

Fifi is better now. I don't know what was wrong with her, but she's over the worst of whatever it was. I took her to play group yesterday, and she was still very clingy, which is unusual for her, but she has been acting normal besides that.

I'm in my third trimester now. I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant. Weird. I don't want to wait another 10-12 weeks. I want to have the baby NOW. Well, okay, no I don't because that would mean a premature baby, but the sentiment still stands. I'm still pretty small compared to my pregnancy with Fifi, but I feel much more restricted in my movements. Probably because I didn't need to bend over so much the first time. Now I feel like I'm never off the floor or not bending over to pick things (like a toddler) up.

The nesting instinct had to hibernate while Fifi was ill, but I think it's back now. I spent Fifi's nap yesterday totally gutting the kitchen. I organised one of the food cupboards (still 3 to go) and the pots and pans cupboard and cleaned everything. I didn't manage to get to the floors before Fifi woke up, but that's next on the agenda. I also didn't finish scrubbing the oven, but that'll happen soon too. It sounds like not much, but it felt like serious manual labour. No wonder my uterus was contracting like crazy all day yesterday! (Sorry if that's a little TMI!)

I also think the baby might be FINALLY turning. I'm certain she's been transverse (laying side-to-side) the whole time, as I've only felt kicking on my right side from the beginning. But starting yesterday, the kicks began to gradually move up the way and now they are all at the upper-to-right side. And the little hand that seems to have been punching downwards constantly is now sort of punching more to the side. Good stuff. The last thing I want is another c-section due to the position of the baby!

More about babies and stuff, I've started drinking red raspberry leaf tea. It supposedly helps strengthen the uterus and makes the second stage of labour shorter. Who knows, but it tastes good so even if it does nothing, it's not harming me in anyway. I've read different things, but I think the general rule is that by the end of my pregnancy I should be up to 3-4 cups a day... I'm sticking with just one right now, as some think that before 32 weeks, too much can possibly trigger pre-term labour. Don't know if I believe that either, but I'll keep on the safe side for now.

It's almost time to take Scott to work now, so I need to go do hair and teeth and get shoes on - for both me and Fi.

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