Friday, October 24, 2008

Feeling Much Better

Ahh, feeling much better today. The weather is still rubbish; it's possibly worse than yesterday, but I feel much more cheerful. I had my TinyTalk class this morning, and it was good. I had two new people along with all my regulars. I also sold some of my Christmas cards, which is exciting. This afternoon Fifi and I went over to a friend's house to play. I came home, did my paperwork, cleaned the kitchen, hung up some laundry and made some brownies, all while Fifi watched Monsters, Inc. in her highchair with some food. It's now almost 7, and I'm off to a girly night at another friend's house. Scott's got Fifi bedtime duty, so I get to go on my own!

Tomorrow will be a big tidy up day, but Fifi's gran and grandpa are back from their holiday, so I'm hoping they take her for a few hours while I get some work done... Fingers crossed!

Still wouldn't mind this crazy torrential rain (and I genuinely mean torrential), gales and flooding going away really soon. It's a pretty big damper... eh, no pun intended.

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