Thursday, October 23, 2008

Miserable Miserable Day

Today is a miserable, rainy, windy, floody day. It's also my busy day, with playgroup in the morning and breastfeeding group in the afternoon. Sure I could skip playgroup, but who would want to sit in the house on a day like this, going mad with a bored, energetic, fed-up toddler, looking at the mess that really needs cleaned but not feeling at all like doing it?

Today is NOT a nesting day. It's a send-the-kid-away-and-sleep-on-the-couch day.

Everything is bugging me today. Like the shower that doesn't work, but I tried to make work several days ago (by simply turning it on - it doesn't even turn on) and since then it has been dripping non-stop and there is nothing to do about it (it didn't even turn on when I turned it on! It's off now and won't stop dripping!) I desperately need to get someone out to see it, as taking a bath under a cold, thick drip is torture of the worst kind (Chinese water torture terrible).

I'm also annoyed that the dishwasher needs unloaded and refilled. That's all the kitchen requires, along with a quick counter wipe-down, but that seems like SO MUCH WORK.

I need to run some laundry. But the tumble dryer is being funny and the whirligig, well, I'm not going to use that during flood weather, am I?

I need to tidy the living room. It's just a matter of putting away some toys, tidying up my sewing and cardmaking stuff and taking some laundry upstairs (and putting it away, blah), but who wants to do THAT on such a miserable day?

Did I mention I'm fed up with being pregnant? I've got 5-9 weeks to go. Please come early, please come early.

Fifi is asleep on the couch. Please stay asleep, please please please.

I need to make dinner too. Why can't we be middle class enough to order take-out on a day like this? Make some other miserable sod deliver food to us. Now THAT sounds fair.

Grumpy grumpy grumpy Lori. I'm going to go eat a bowl of chocolate ice cream. Yes.

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