Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Nina!

Congratulations to Maria, Simon and Caspar on the birth of their daughter/sister Nina! I can't wait to meet the wee thing tonight.

It's been in my mind that I would make something for her when she was born, but I kept putting it off until I got the text last night that she had been born. Then I realised I kinda needed to get on the ball.

Now, up until now I really didn't get the recent fascination amongst crafters with owls, but after the craft fair this weekend, I really got it. They are ridiculously cute! Janet, one of my friends I went to the fair with, bought some owl templates which I used to make this card:

So when trying to decide late last night what I would make for Nina, I decided to use the owl template as inspiration for an owl softie! Because the template is so easy and simplified, it didn't take long for me to make these two cuties:

I finished as much as I could last night until I crashed at midnight. I put on the finishing touches (ears and beaks) this morning and voila. Very cute owl siblings (if I do say so myself). I love them so much, I don't even want to give them away!

I ran out of stuffing, however, so both have a little pouch of rice sewn up inside them, which allow them to stand upright. The weighting is a little off, though, so you do have to fidget around with them before they will happily stand on their own. But when they do, they look really sweet.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, little ones!

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