Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not Quite Normal

Things aren't quite as back to normal as I thought.

Poor little Fifi is sick. I don't know what is wrong with her, but she's miserable. Her temperature was somewhere between 38 and 40 degrees C today. Three different readings, but the most accurate (under her arm) said 38 so I went with that rather than panicking over the 40 that was read on the forehead strip. She won't sleep or eat, but she won't sit quietly either. She just cries a lot.

So Scott is off work again. This time, it's to help take care of his daughter and his wife. My third trimester has been really crappy. Morning sickness (well, morning nausea) and headaches have returned. Along with the usual tiredness and back/belly ache. Bleh. So it's not normal around here at all. I've skipped most of our weekly toddler groups (Tuesday, Fifi just stood at the door saying, 'Tod? Tod? Car?') and today I had to skip my breastfeeding group. We left Toddlers early this morning because Fifi was so miserable. She just sat in my lap the whole time, asking for milk with her signs.

However, I have some good news! Inverclyde Council has announced a small budget allotted for giving grants to parents who want to use cloth nappies! So I got to order £80 worth of nappies for the new baby, all to be reimbursed by the council! I have cloth nappies for Spooce, Fifi's old ones, but it makes me happy that she'll be getting some new ones. Since they were essentially free, I ordered some Fuzzi Bunz (love Fuzzi Bunz), along with some Blueberry minky side snap nappies, Minki nappies, Nature Baby Stuffables and ... the best... one of these (look at the order page - it's the pink puppy). Yes, that last one was a splurge. (So were the Blueberries.)

That makes me very happy.

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