Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fruit and Flowers

This is the beginning of our anniversary week. This year is number four. Scott's idea for our anniversary this year was to 'recreate' our favourite memories together, or favourite dates. He took the whole week off, so we could do things together.

We kicked off the week last night with a recreation of our first Valentine's meal. Scott had been the original chef (!), but I made the tea last night: steak, mashed potatoes, lemon-butter asparagus and raw carrots. (We also added a side salad and fruit salad for dessert.) We played Mozart, like we did that first Valentine's Day.

Today we are heading off for Callander, which isn't sentimental in any way, but it's a few days away, which is nice! Fifi will be with us, so we'll just have a nice family trip. When we come back on Thursday, our anniversary day, we'll send Fi over to Granny's and we're off to our favourite restaurant, Thai Siam. We also plan to go for a walk at Cornalees (where we first held hands) and get dinner at KFC and walk along the Esplanade (like the night we got engaged). Pizza Hut and a movie are hopefully on the agenda too, since that used to be our regular Friday night outing, when we were DINKYs.

The fourth anniversary is traditionally gifts of fruit and flowers. My gift to Scott was a couple of bunches of carnations (being the type of flower I bought him when we got engaged, while he bought me Oriental Lilies, thus inspiring one of his songs he wrote for me), sitting in new Irn Bru glasses, and a guitar pick flower. His gift to me is Season One of Pushing Daisies.

(Click on the picture to see more of our dinner last night, and follow along as we post more pictures of our week.)

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