Friday, September 12, 2008


Been trying to clean out Fifi's room for a while to make room for Spooce. I seriously didn't think it was possible until I really got in there and got to work today. Turns out I have a lot of useless baby crap to get rid of. I've actually managed to fit all of Fifi's clothes and Spooce's clothes into the same chest of drawers, using drawer organisers, various storage boxes and a bit of clearing out. Did Fifi really need thirty sleep suits when she was 0-3 months? Sure, they were cute, but that many? I managed to sort through the sleep suits and get them down to a reasonable number that fits side-by-side with Fifi's toddler pajamas. The rest of the adorable sleep suits have gone to Maria who is having a baby girl next month. The same goes for t-shirts, though this time it was Fifi's toddler stuff that had to be reckoned with. She didn't need an entire drawer full of t-shirts any more than Spooce will need all those sleep suits.

I'm finally getting use out of the drawer organisers I bought a while ago, by putting Fifi's socks in one box, Spooce's in another, and ditto on the frilly knickers. It looks really tidy in that drawer now.

A wall-mounted storage hanger now has all the hats, tights and baby shoes neatly tidied away.

I also went through some pink storage bins I've had in her bookshelf forever and discovered that a) I have, like, six zillion wash clothes, b) I have, like, six zillion cloth baby wipes and c) I was a major pack rat with Fifi. So I cleared those out, and now from three overflowing bins, I have one neat full one and two empty ones. I'm giddy.

I've also moved all of the outgrown baby clothes and still-to-be-grown-into toddler clothes from various shopping bags and boxes into underbed storage bags. 5 vinyl jumbo 'blanket' bags for £10 have neatly stored all of Spooce's still-to-be-grown-into clothes, all of Fifi's s-t-b-g-i clothes, a double bed duvet and all my sewing fabric under Fifi's bed. Yes, that leaves one still unused!

However, I might take care not to get too excited. I still have several boxes of baby clothes in the loft. Who knows what else I might find. Glad the church is having a jumble sale next weekend. I'll be donating LOTS.

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