Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sick Baby

I'm sure you are used to my irregular posting by now, but for this once, I have a justifiable reason for the break. Fifi has been unwell all weekend.

It's the first time she's been really ill. She had the sniffles when she was newborn, but that's the only thing I've had to deal with. However, I suppose around Friday she started acting funny. She cried whenever she went to anyone but me - very very unusual for our contented, social baby. She also began offering us a series of really disgusting nappies. She then began refusing to nurse or eat any food. Then, Saturday night, she stayed up the entire night nursing nearly non-stop. And of course, the all-night nursing session meant vomiting and refusing to nurse the whole next day. She had a slight fever for two days and was very pale and irritable. By Tuesday, she was feverless, but still very unhappy, clingy and uninterested in food.

This, of course, made me feel miserable as well. What with the sleep deprivation and the engorgement (and the resulting plugged ducts which threatened to get worse) and the inability to pass her off to anyone, I've had a rough weekend.

This morning, she awoke the way she used to, giggly and smiley. I'm hoping she's now over the worst. Though at this very moment she is whining and being rather unreasonable. I'm gonna go make yet another cup of tea.

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