Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some Updates and Also A Couple of Bad Seques

I've got a new hobby: sewing.

I am addicted. I'm a sewing addict.

I've been wanting to get into sewing for a while but never got around to it while I was pregnant (too busy planning for a baby) and then never got around to it after I was done being pregnant (too busy having a baby). Finally last week I got started on a few projects I'd been wanting to start for a very long time.

I've had this and this saved on my computer for ages now, just waiting to be created. I finally got around to it last week. Here are my first very sad and pathetic attempts:

Lambkin Scotty Dog

I made them miniature-sized Christmas tree ornaments to save fabric while I practiced. And while they came out looking like they belong in an animal shelter, I was not down-hearted. Nay, I was very proud of myself. Considering I don't know the first thing about sewing, I think they turned out great.

My second attempt was much more pleasing. There are still some stitching issues, but I was really proud of myself for stumbling upon the blanket stitch purely by accident.

Scotty McFarlane Dog

(That is the McFarlane tartan, by the by.)

I also made a small pincushion, which isn't 100% finished yet. First, it was meant to be a hedgehog, but it looked more like a mouse when I finished so I sewed a wee tail on it to make it look intentional. But I didn't stuff it full enough so I'm going to need to rip out a seam and try again. Once it's complete, I'll post a picture in Flickr.

I'm loving it. Totally loving it. Sewing is my new passion. Along with, like, so many other things these days, such as card-making and breastfeeding. Oh and, of course, feeding Fifi solids.

Hehe, yes, that is the lamest segue ever, but I'm keeping it. So yes, Fifi is getting much more adept at eating solids now. She ate half a nectarine all by herself today. I took a bite to sort of open it up for her, and she took it into her hands and ate it all by herself. And I know she ate lots because about half an hour later, she threw up on me and produced loads of tiny nectarine bits in the process. Lovely child.

For dinner, I gave her toasted pitta bread with melted (cooled) cheese inside. She tucked right in.

Pitta bread!

She loves the pitta bread. And so does Scott, who just yesterday began to wonder if he'd be allowed to eat pitta bread anymore...

Yes, that's an even lamer, less effective segue. I'm full of them today. Yesterday, Scott went to the doctor, as I mentioned below, and was diagnosed with tonsillitis and an ear infection. What I didn't mention below is that the doctor also wanted to test him for diabetes. Naturally, Scott was pretty concerned. We all were, of course, though we weren't as worried as he was, knowing his symptoms (extreme weight loss, etc) were unlikely to be diabetes-related. However, we all breathed a huge sigh of relief when the test results came back negative this morning. Thank you, God!

(I don't even know if pitta bread has anything to do with diabetes, but surely bread has sugar in it or something, which is surely has something to do with diabetics ability to eat it... I have no idea.)

So that's about all there is to say for now. That's you pretty caught up on the McFamily. I'm now off to bed. Fifi is already there, having graced me with the quickest falling-asleep procedure ever - I laid her down on her tummy and she was out like a light. And you can thank her for giving me the freedom to write this post. Cheers, Fifers.

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