Monday, August 20, 2007

Man Flu

If only there were an interesting way to start out a non-interesting update, but there isn't.

Basically, it's same-old same-old around here, with the exception of my very ill husband who is still very ill and doesn't show any signs of improving before this weekend in which he will probably miss the second of two dinner parties thrown by some of my new mummy friends. Hmm, wait a second, that sounds a bit too convenient...

But really, Scott's pretty icky. I feel so bad for him. I've seen him sick before but never like this. I just wanna give him a big cuddle, but I also don't want none of them yicky germs. The poor guy.

Saturday, my new friend Maria and her husband threw a little dinner party. I went without Scott, and though I missed him the whole time (feeling like the single mum next to all the married couples), I had a really good time. It was the first sort of get-together that I've really been to since having Fifi. And all of us have a baby similar in age, and we all brought them along, so it was nice not having to feel guilty for excusing yourself from the table during the second course, or third, or fourth for that matter. It was also nice to drink a few glasses of wine with other girls while chatting about, well, babies, but that's kind of inevitable nowadays.

Carol's having the next one this weekend, and I was really hoping Scott would be better by then, but I really doubt it now. Nuts. I really like the girls in the group, and I hope Scott will like the boys.

I'm off now to change a wriggly baby's nappy before she screams the house down and wakes her sleeping daddy.

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