Sunday, August 26, 2007

Femininist or Feminine or Just Crazy....?

On Sunday nights, The Boys (aka Scott and about five other losers from church) gather online (in their own homes, of course, because heaven forbid they actually make human contact) and play each other at computer games. Meanwhile, all the wives spend the evenings alone, usually mocking our husbands, and often texting each other about what losers our men are.

Well, tonight, some of the ladies are getting together (in person), and we're going to have our own little gathering. We're meeting at Cheryl's with all our equiptment, and we're going to spend the evening stitching and sewing! Lorna, who does not sew, has happily agreed to be the babysitter. I am so excited! A night in with the girls and a box of pretty material and thread and an entertained baby!

Oh, and did I mention, that Cheryl, her mum and I are all taking a quilting class? Oh, how I love sewing!

I've also been spending the past few days perusing this site and drooling over all the gorgeous vintage patterns.

And now, it's into the kitchen to make a cake for us to eat while we sew! Feminist movement be damned!

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