Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pretty Dress (I Think It's Mine)

My mum-in-law went to a huge NEXT sale (Next/NEXT - don't know if it's caps or not - is a great but kinda pricey store, IMO) and came back with a few things for me. She told me to come by the house and have a look to see if I liked them. She said if she wasn't there when I came by, she'd leave them hanging over a chair in the dining room. I came over, but she wasn't there so I went to look at what was on the chair. Hmm... There were two chairs with two different sets of clothes on them. Both had a dress and a top, which is what she said she'd gotten me. I couldn't figure out if one set was for me and the other set was for someone else, my sister-in-law, for example. So I just guessed. The dress I guessed was for me is EXCELLENT. I LOVE it. I guessed it was mine, because a) it looks kinda maternity-friendly and b) it's not exactly Katie's style sooo... I took that set. The shirt was nice, too, though I haven't worn it yet. It's pretty maternity-friendly as well (it's a kinda wrap thing with a tie in the front). I wore my new pretty dress to church.

My new dress
(Though this photo bears no resemblence to the fact, I've actually started wearing make-up again and thinking about how my hair looks. This MUST mean I'm in my second trimester. Oh and this is the 'nursery' or The Beginning Stages...)

I love the embroidery/beadwork. It's so... Spanish?

Pretty beadwork


Scott's making me leave. I'll post my Edinburgh Festival pictures when I get back from lunch. Meanwhile, admire my dress (if it is indeed mine).

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