Monday, August 07, 2006

Beach n00b

I had a splendid weekend. Oh let me tell you about it! You'll feel as relaxed as I did just reading about it!

Saturday I slept in late, ate breakfast in bed (because my hubby is lovely and takes care of my pregnant slobby self), bathed and then headed into town for my one hour massage. Oh, bliss! It felt SO good, and I'm pretty sure Baby enjoyed it too. (And have no fear, no essential oils were used.)

Then I drove down to Gourock to meet a couple friends for coffee and lunch. I have a girl crush on both of them, so it was a lot of fun. After lunch, we three took a stroll down the shore in the sun and breeze and then sat looking over the river for a while, just chatting away. I came home, soaked in a hot bath and slept the night away.

On Sunday, Scott and I packed a picnic lunch and headed off for Cornalees for a hike. Only, we took a wrong turn and ended up in Inverkip. So Scott asked if I'd rather have our picnic at Lunderston Bay, since I've not been there before. Boy am I glad I said yes!

Scott and Lori at Lunderston Bay

Having never lived near any real mass of water (the Arkansas River hardly counts), I'm completely unused to sea life. So the bay ended up being a major adventure for me!

We started out with lunch on the picnic tables.

Scott's lunchLori's lunch

Then we took a saunter along the banks. There were barnicles and sea urchins everywhere! And mussels and molosks and all sorts of seashell-abiding creatures I can't spell!

And splashy water and rocks and beautiful weather. I was loving it.

Scott sells seashells by the seashoreProof I was on a beach!

There was a sign warning of washed-up jellyfish. I saw two, but I only took a picture of one. I should've gotten both, as the one I got looks kinda dead. The other was purpley and slimy and looked pretty alive.

Dead or dying jellyfish

Then there was the one full-grown sea urchin! Scott showed me how to make its tentacles move by touching them with the tip of a candy wrapper. I tried, but Scott told me to be more gentle. I was like a toddler out there. Though I'm sure everyone just thought I was a tourist with my sensible walking shoes, backpack and camera. And of course my extraneous shouts of "Oh my gawish! WHAT IS THA-ET?" in a really pronounced Southern accent.

[editbyscott] I actually told Lori the wrong word for these, they are anenomies.[/editbyscott]
Sea urchin!

Scott was hoping he'd find some washed-up starfish or some crabs for me to see, but we couldn't find any. He thinks they're either out of season or dying off from all the polution. It was too bad, I was hoping to get a starfish and attach it to my ear and see if it really does whisper flatteries into your ear like that mermaid movie that just came out said.

At any rate, it was all totally exciting to me.


Then we headed home and just relaxed until bedtime. Oh yeah, and we played Chinese Checkers.

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