Thursday, August 03, 2006

Schmooker Does the Macarena!

Is that not the most PERFECT baby you've ever seen?!?!

Schmooker was ALL ABOUT getting his/her picture taken. Schmooker waved, jumped, twirled, kicked and peek-a-booed. It was IN-freakin-CREDIBLE.

It was surreal. Unlike anything I've ever experienced. As soon as the sonographer placed the thing on my belly, an image of a REAL LIFE HUMAN BABY sprung to the screen and I sort of yelped. "Is that my baby?!" Scott and I just stared in disbelief and hitherto unbelievable love as our baby performed tricks for us.

And get this- it's tall for its age. :) My baby is taller than the average baby. :D Yes, I'm feeling The Mom Pride. Most baby's this age are 6cm - Schmooker is 6.3cm. AND I was right about my dates, even though the midwives didn't believe me. I mean, hello! Were you there when I ovulated? Do you track my cycles? Yeah, I didn't think so. So when I say I'm 12 weeks and three days, don't argue and say I'm only 12 weeks. Because dude, I know. This also means my estimated due date is correct - Feb 17. I'm so clever. (As Scott rolls his eyes.)

So I don't even know what else to say about it. Basically all this puking is totally worth it to have this little thing growing in my belly. (I mean, I'd prefer the puking to NOT happen and this little thing to keep growing, but if I have to puke to keep it safe, then I will.)

Which, by the way, I had the worst possible night of sickness IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE the other night, which I won't share any details of because it involves garlic, being home alone and being stuck in my bedroom due to a broken doorknob.


  1. new comments board. whoa.

    tip: green dippy things seem harmless at first (i.e. pesto, guacamole), but beware!!

    we should start a group blog where moms can share their first trimester vomit stories with each other. then again, maybe not.


  2. Anonymous10:59 PM

    of course it loved getting its picture taken. like mother, like schmooker. and you know you are going to have the baby with the prettiest eyes and the loudest cry. you are truly incredible. you're growing a human! i'm gleefully imagining you and scott at the doctor watching the little you're rachel on "friends" or something. i, a million miles away, am tickled pink for you.


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