Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sorry To Steal The Blog-Light

Sorry to take over from your post, Lori.

I thought that I should share with everyone that from the 20th of September, I shall once more be a student. I'm cutting my hours at work down to 25 and taking a computing degree at Paisley University.

The cool thing is, it's not your bog standard computing degree. It is:


I've wanted to do this since I was nine or something, and my mum taught me how to programme noughts and crosses on the Spectrum. I almost went to do it when I was 16, but couldn't afford to move to Dundee (the only course in Scotland was there at that point).

Now there is a convenient Uni a few miles away. I'm talking with my manager about my hours tomorrow (let's hope it goes well), calling the Uni at lunch time and asking them to send me out an offer (they've already agreed in principle over my school grades) and generally feeling weird. I'll be working full time for another month, then my hours will drop.

Here goes nothing.

I have a theory: the guys will be jealous, the girls will think it's silly ;).

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