Monday, August 08, 2005

The Orange Duo

We've been really bad bloggers lately, we know. We apologise. We've been quite busyfied.

Today's post won't be much.

Tonight we are going to Edinburgh, as mentioned already to see the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. It ought to be good.

Scott had to grab a change of clothes before he left the house today. He almost forgot. I yelled to him not to bring his orange shirt because I'm wearing an orange shirt and I didn't want to be The Orange McFarlane Duo. He didn't grab the orange shirt luckily because he'd worn in the day before.

My body is so confused over all this traveling. My skin in particular. Hard water, soft water, hard water, soft water... It's throwing a fit. My hair ain't happy, either. Of course, it goes without saying that I don't know when is nighttime and when is day. My body can't go to sleep, and it can't wake up.

I'm dead busy at work - so is Scott. And I have a million things I want to do and a million people I want to see. I need to take a pen home with me so I can write out lists on the train. Writing lists makes me feel more organised and more in order, but I always lose the lists soon thereafter. They really do me no good. I need to make a People-To-Have-Over-For-Dinner-And-A-Board-Game List, People-To-Phone List, Bills-To-Pay List and of course, the never-ending Things-To-Do List. At work I'm currently finishing up the magazine - a feat I didn't think I could possibly accomplish, but I am nearing the end now with great pride - and I'm updating the Intranet to be back in full swing by the time teachers come back for their in-service days. I'd post the site for you to peruse, but obviously, it's an intranet not an internet so I can't. When the actual school website goes up (which will also feature my textual prowess) I will post it for your viewing pleasure.

Our living room is looking darned good. One more CD tower to build and we're laughin'. We'll invite you all over soon. You're all on my PTHOFDAABG List. (Ok, not all of you, but I wish I could invite you all. Except the crazies who have landed here because they've searched for something like "Big Granny Diapers" and have somehow landed here.)

Anyway, I'm leaving work in half an hour so I need to get some more stuff done. As busy as I am, I just felt the need to give you your daily dose of Scott and Lori. Which reminds me of a church sign I saw yesterday which will make a delightful ending to this spoon-of-medicine post:

"The best vitamin for a Christian is B1"

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