Saturday, August 06, 2005


We've made a couple of trips to the glorious IKEA in the past week, and our house is looking darned good. Scott is building our new TV bench which matches our new bookcases and CD towers and our old coffee table and nesting tables. It's gonna look good in here.

Tonight we are going over to Graeme and Emily's for dinner. I like having a friend.

Monday we are going to Edinburgh to see Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players with Jonathan and Sarah. We haven't seen them in ages. I look forward to it. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival starts next week, too, so I'm gonna get Scott to take me down there for a weekend o' fun.

Sorry for the lack of posting. We're still jet-lagged.

Sorry for the lack of continuity in this post. We're still jet-lagged.

Scott and I both got new computers. (You'd think we were rich, talking the way I am. We are what Scott's mum called "DINKY"s - double income no kids yet.) I got a laptop, and he got a desktop. Of course, we share, but they are ours individually. :) My laptop has already come in handy; I've written a couple of poems in my bed like I used to. It's good news. And Scott's desktop is full of the latest gagdets and gizmos.

I'm gonna go clean the kitchen before I leave. Emily, being all new to the housewife thing, is upstaging me in cleanliness, and I feel competitive.

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