Saturday, August 20, 2005

I Am Going Crazy

My new computer should have been here at LEAST 5 hours ago, and I'm going stir crazy. Can't go out 'til it arrives, don't know if it WILL arrive, want to kill the world, especially MESH computers who cut me off twice while trying to transfer me, told me:

"It'll be there AM, definitely." - Friday.

"In the next hour or so." - 11AM.

"Should be before 2." - 12PM.

"Usually 3 to 4 on a Saturday." - 2PM.

"Hold on, it was sent out on Wednesday." - 2.01PM.

"Oh, no it wasn't, I'm just tired and didn't read that properly." - 2.02PM.

"There's no supervisor here." - 3PM.

"We can't track the delivery, they don't work on Saturdays at their office." - 4PM.

"At the very latest, it'll be before 6." - 4.30PM.

Well, I'm demanding my delivery fee back. I'm demanding compensation for wasting my whole day. I'm being very angry and shouty at whatever supervisor I get to talk to.

But, apparently, I'm not getting my computer. They now have 55 minutes before they finish delivering for the day. I have no confidence that is going to get here at all.

The ironic thing is, I've been praising MESH for their customer service. It's been great! They just choose a firm of chumps for the delivery.


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