Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Isn't MIDI Awful?

Evening, folks. Technically morning, but it feels eveningish.

I had my first gig in a long time on Sunday. It went fairly well, I sang better than I've probably ever sang on a stage and the crowd clapped in the appropriate places and didn't talk over me too much. So that's good.

I got booked again for next Sunday night and again for when I come back from getting married (incidentally, I leave a week on Friday. Smileys don't express my happiness about that). The second show is in front of 500 people! Pressureville, man, pressureville.

And all I have to hide behind is an acoustic guitar. No band. Just me, my guitar, capo, plectrum (pick to most of you) and my vocal chords. On my Jack Jones. Gulp.

But I take solace in the fact that my songs will be the happy point of the night, all the other acts are serious and songwriterly.

I can't wait to start doing gigs with Lori :). We'll be the next Mates of State. Watch this space.

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