Friday, August 06, 2004

Let's all hold hands and sing!

I made a B in my math class!!


On a less joyous note, I found out I will not be sent my diploma/degree/whatever I'm supposed to expect before I leave the States. I pleaded with the registrar lady, but she couldn't (or wouldn't) help me. I was hoping to be able to show my degree at the British consulate when I apply for my visa. Turns out, my transcript may not even be updated in time. The lady in the registrar's office said it will take 4-6 weeks after next Tuesday to update it. If it takes exactly 6 weeks, my transcript will be ready one day before I leave for L.A. Which, mind you, is in the middle of our honeymoon. Who the hell wants to go by their old University to pick up a transcript in the middle of their honeymoon?? "Scott, sorry, enough now. I have better things to do. Like go to Silas Hunt Hall and buy an official transcript."

Well, anyway, as long as it happens by then. If it takes a day over 6 weeks, (which it probably will only take the 4) I won't even have a transcript to prove to the consulate officials that I have a degree and really could get a job over there.


On a less complainy note, I'M NOW TRULY, GENUINELY, OFFICIALLY GRADUATED!! (Well... after grades get turned in on Tuesday.) But as far as it concerns me, NO MORE SCHOOL EVER!! (Unless I decide to go back for a Master's which I am doubting.) I'm a college grad!

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