Monday, August 09, 2004

Fun Facts

Q. True or false? Dinosaurs made their nests in the same place every year.
A. True! Just like birds today, some dinosaurs would return to a nesting site year after year.

Q. When scientists see ripple marks near a dinosaur fossil, what do they know?
A. The dinosaur lived near shallow water.

We moved out of our apartment this weekend. Ingrid went through and removed all the nails that we drove into the wall. No wait, not all-- just the ones she put up, even when there were several in the same place. Ha! Good thing Amanda bought a hammer.

I got my paycheck today and balanced my checkbook finally. I have a balance of $ -83.41. That's after the paycheck.

I got put on Amoxicillin today. It "may reduce the effects of birth control". I am being cautious and abstaining from sex while on the meds. Wait... I've been abstaining my whole pitiful life! Not much longer though. (39 days!)

Scott bought his plane tickets this weekend, and he miraculously got on the same return flight as me!!! We were certain we would have to fly seperately as we both purchased tickets from discounters. But God knew I'd be a basket case flying out of my country, so He arranged for Scott to fly with me. Yay Jesus!

Amanda's new house has spiders.

"There, but for the grace of God, goes John Bradford." - John Bradford

Oh yeah, I'm flying next week. Going to Utah to visit the Hayses, my new favorite people ever. I think the nurse assumed I was Mormon. I wanted to clarify, but I kept my mouth shut. She may have been Mormon for all I know.

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