Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Scott is Singing in the Shower

I'm still here in Scotland at my fiancé's house. He's singing in the shower, and I'm blogging.

It's been a great trip so far. Last night we walked downtown and got chicken pakora and a naan bread to take home. Scott said it was okay to burn our trash in the fireplace when we were done so he tossed the Irn Bru bottles in the fire one at a time and watched them burn. Then he threw in the naan bread wrapper and the napkins. He asked me if we should burn the cups of sauce. Sure, I said, it'll probably burn high because of all the spices. So we topped the cups and put them in the box and threw the box on. Instead of the sauce burning, the Styrofoam burnt up (sorry, environmentalists, that's probably bad, huh?) and the sauce leaked out all over the hearth. Oops. Scott tried to scoop it up with the shovel thing but it was too fat to get in the small space. So we got out the poker and started poking it up when his dad called to say he'd be there in about five. Oh no! We poked the sauce that was now bubbling away from the fire and scooped it up, threw it on the coals, then Scott covered the stain with ashes and I washed off the tools. Just in time.

After the dinner ordeal, we went to the Alpha course which is a very basic Bible study for addicts at the church. I just love the work this church does with addicts. The topics are very basic--last night was on how the Bible is God's inspired words. They watched a video then discussed it with questions. The questions were very relevant. They asked things like, "What kind of problems do you find with the Bible that makes you question whether it is really God's inspired words?" and "Do you find delight when you read the Bible?" I just loved hearing all the people talk up. Most of what the majority of them said made no sense but showed that their hearts were eager to learn. Many of them vied for attention and approval and some merely wanted to engage. My heart was touched. It renewed my excitement about getting involved with Teen Challenge. I can't wait to be here now, so I can give of myself and my time to sharing God's love and Jesus' life with people who are simply hopeless.

I also can't wait to be married to Scott. That's the other big excitement. He's a babe.

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