Monday, March 01, 2004

Back to the Basement

Just when I think I could get used to the basement...

I share the basement with student callers. They are the way-too-happy kids who call your parents and try to get them to give money to the University. These callers aren't supposed to come in until 5:30. But apparently, they like to take the free reign to come in all throughout the day when they have a break during class or whatever. So today, starting at like 2, I've had to listen to five or six chipper voices repeating the same pitch to caller after caller. It wasn't too bad until Loud Girl came in. Loud Girl is right next to my desk and doesn't realize she doesn't have to shout into the phone for the listener to hear. She is SO LOUD.
"Hi is this Mr. [Blank]? This is Courtney and I am a student at the University...!" Of course her name is Courtney. She does all these ridiculous laughs when you know the person on the phone didn't make a joke. She makes comments like "It's too nice outside to be inside! Hahahaahaha, thanks, sir, have a great day!"

I have an elephant sized headache.

Make these people go home. "Yes, I'm wondering if Mr. [Blank] is available?? Hi, my name is Courtney and I am a student at the University...!"

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