Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Scotland the Brave

I bought Scott an engagement ring today for £8 but it was too small. It was cool, too, the design looked like braille. I don't like the idea of girls looking at Scott's left hand to see if he's elligible so I wanted to ring him. When the ring didn't fit, I was heart broken. So I bought him another less cool one for £3 and it bends in all the wrong places but at least it fits. Girls, back off.

I also bought him a bouquet of carnations. They were only £1.

Tomorrow we've got a super day planned. We're going to catch the half nine train to Glasgow Central and do some shopping. For my birthday present. And Scott wants some new socks. Then we're catching another train down to Edinburgh around noon or so and there we'll buy Amanda her toe ring she's been wanting and do some other little bits of wandering around. At around 2 we will meet up with Jonathan and Sarah, our new friends to hang out for the evening. Last I heard, we're going to a museum and then back to theirs for dinner and fuzzy navels. That may have changed but regardless, it'll be fun. We like them lots. Jonathan knows lots about theology (because that's what he studies) so I get to learn a lot about theology. I already learned about dispensationalism, pre-millennialism, pre-tribulation rapturism, amillennialism, universalism, and much much more. Hurray!

I'm having a glorious time. In fact, I'm not coming home. We're on our way to Gretna Green today to elope. Sorry, roommates, I don't know what to tell you about the rent. You can just send me my stuff if you don't mind. See you at Christmas!

Love, Lori

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