Thursday, February 05, 2004

I'm just sitting here, chewing on some candy, waiting for a reply back from my boss on how to proceed with my work.

(I have these weeks, you see, that all come in a row, where I honestly don't know how to do a darn thing related to my job. People send me requests with teeny tiny complications that I am simply unable to figure out--"figure out" being a verb-adverb combination--and I have to call my boss every ten minutes with a question. It's times like these I don't know why she doesn't fire me.)

("every ten minutes" forces the phrase "ten minutes" into an adjective-noun combination. Because "every" modifies not just "ten" or "minutes", but "ten minutes" together. I'm ready for this test, I'm ready.)

(No. I'm really not.)

So anyway, nothing very interesting going on. Nothing at all. My life is boring.

SIKE! Haha! You all thought I was serious! Like nothing is going on! Ha!! I laugh.

My life is like a cat's ball of yarn. It is so tangled and confused and busy, not to mention being kicked and chased around by larger, more powerful forces than itself. Like school. And work.

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