Thursday, February 05, 2004

Roommate Date

Scott, I think I've been cheating on you. With my roommates. We've had two intentional roommate dates and one spontaneous roommate date in the past week. I'm really sorry. I just like them.

Tonight, I made chicken masaman curry with rice and avocados, and Amanda made a spinach and strawberry salad. We and Ingrid ate the delicious dinner with wine, Friends, and The Apprentice and enjoyed a dessert of vanilla ice-cream with fudge sauce. Let me interject that I do not habitually watch Friends or The Apprentice. But these roommate dates have been nice. (I'll admit, I really do like The O.C. and I was really into Average Joe, but these things happen when I don't want to study.)

Anyway, it's been fun. Ingrid made us lasagna and garlic bread last night, and that was good, too.

I miss Scott.

The end.

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