Saturday, February 14, 2004

If you find yourself caught in love
say a prayer to the Man above

Today is Valentine's Day. I guess I'm supposed to be all happy and stuff because I have a boyfriend who loves me tons, but no, I'm sad. Sad because said boyfriend lives on another continent. So I miss him a lot today. I missed him a lot last night, too, when I was coerced to go booty dancing with some friends from high school. I don't know how to booty dance, first of all, and I don't enjoy it second of all, but it was all made worse because I wanted to be with Scott. I could've had fun if Scott had been there. I wouldn't have had to worry about how ridiculous I looked-- Scott would've looked even more ridiculous!

Sigh. So that's my Valentine's Day post. If you are lucky enough to be spending today with someone special, thank God for it. If you're not with someone today, thank God anyway. He's got us all where we are for a good reason, doesn't He.

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