Friday, April 01, 2016

34 Bucket List

Today is my birthday. Yay!

Today I turned 34, and I have decided that next year will be my last birthday. No, I'm not planning on topping myself next year, I've just decided 35 is the age I shall remain for all eternity. I can do that, right?

So to prepare for my very last birthday, I have put together my bucket list for the year 34.

My birthday present to myself: A year of living life to the fullest. 

1. Read 34 new books
2. Visit a new city
3. Order a dirty martini
4. Get a cleaner in at least once
5. Do something rebellious
6. Pick back up an old hobby or interest
7. Visit the beach
8.Get rid of 34 things
9. Try a new, exotic food
10. Do something politically active
11. Read the US Constitution
12. Donate to a new cause
13. Create 34 original things
14. Sing a showtune at a karaoke bar
15. Go on an adventure with husband
16. Build a coop to raise chickens
17. Learn how to wolf whistle
18. Write or mail 34 letters or parcels
19. Complete Trailhead Admin training
20. Play a video game
21. Protest against or march for something
22. Take kids on a surprise trip
23. Publish a book
24. Climb a mountain
25. Get hot stone massage
26. Join a group
27. Get Lasix
28. Paint a picture
29. Buy a house
30. Get a tattoo
31. Run a race
32. See a play
33. Read Macbeth
34. Throw a party

Happy birthday to me!

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and helped make it so in many different ways - by sending me flowers at work (kids and Scott), surprising me with cake and a card during a training session (my Communications team), paying for me to get a massage (Mom and David), a still-to-be-opened pressie (Dad and Denise), surprising me with a gift at my birthday dinner (Matt and Charity), celebrating my birthday dinner (lots of people), celebrating my co-birthday lunch (Scott, Elizabeth, Daniel, Mandy, and Jared, the co-birthday boy), a stack of really awesome-looking books (Andy and Marion, my in-laws), giving me a free hair wash, dry and style (my stylist, Kristin), and *really* surprising me with a very unexpected birthday present, a new laptop (Scott!), not to mention all the people who have texted and Facebooked me happy birthday messages today (lots of family and friends). Love to all of you. xx

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