Saturday, September 07, 2013

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It's Friday! I got to go shopping today!

It wasn't all that exciting.

I mean, I was really excited about it, really looking forward to it.  I had a grocery list, and then a 'want' list.  I knew how much money I had to spend and was pretty excited about the prospect of doing a whole day's shopping.  So after walking Fifi to school, me and the younger two hopped in the minivan (I still can't believe I drive a freaking minivan) and drove to Kroger.  My shopping list was actually pretty short, so I didn't expect to spend much in there.  But prices are still deceiving me, and I spent my budget.  Still, I had money left over and a list of things to get at Walmart.  That is, until I got back in the minivan and realised it was nearly on empty.

My minivan guzzled my last $70.


I looked at my Walmart list.  Only three things were really kind of needed, so I went to Walmart and only bought those three things.  It was boring. It wasn't fun.  I didn't get to 'shop'. 

This challenge sucks.


It's doing what it's supposed to do - making me save money.  That was the point.  And so there's that.


I promised Fifi we'd come eat lunch with her today.  Her school allows parents to sign in and eat lunch with their children in the cafeteria.  I intended to buy cafeteria trays for Fifi, Lolly and myself, but at the last minute, decided to use some Subway vouchers I had and bring Fifi a special surprise.  We met her in the cafeteria line; I said, 'Out of the line, you aren't getting a school dinner.  I brought you something!'  Fifi was delighted!

It was really sweet seeing Fifi on her own turf.  She introduced me to half her class, and they all seemed really excited to be her friend.  One boy (who looks exactly like Lyle Beag from her Scottish school) said, 'You're Fifi's mom!  Can Fifi come over to my house to play?' 

Fifi enjoyed showing off her brother and sister to her classmates and really enjoyed her special lunch.  She clung to my arm and kept hugging me and kissing me and smiling.  It probably made my day just as much as hers.

She then asked if I could come once every week.  I suggested once a month might be a little more practical. She was cool with that.



I have two technical Shopping Challenge failures to confess to.

First, on Tuesday, we bought something besides some offensive pizza crusts (they really did taste like an eighth grade science project) and Bat Brownies from the DG;  we bought a mattress. 

FINALLY we have a mattress. FINALLY we have our own room.  Our mattress is a massive, comfortable King size mattress.  It's like sleeping on our own private island. 

The other purchase was made yesterday, a Thursday.

I purchased a Pampered Chef Consultant Starter Kit.

As of yesterday afternoon, I officially became a Pampered Chef consultant.  I am really excited-slash-scared about this, but it's happening.  I have my first Cooking Show booked (with myself) in two weeks and my second, third and fourth shows booked for the next consecutive weeks.  I know I'll be really good at presenting these shows, but I'm also really nervous about it.  I want to make a good job of it, I want to make some money out of it, and I want to make it worth the cost of starting up.  I think I'll accomplish all three, but I'm still pretty much freaking out about it.  Mainly because I don't know enough people around here yet to get shows booked with, but I'm sure each party will open up more and more opportunities for me.  It's always frightening taking on a new responsibility, but I think I can handle it.  No, in fact, I KNOW I can.  I can do this!

I am totally going to rock my new job, one silicone spatula at a time.


Tonight I went out to dinner with my high school BFF Devon.  We went to one of the only places in this town that serves alcohol, a Mexican restaurant-slash-gas station. It was pretty much awesome.

The hilarity began early, when Devon's tire got stuck in an unseen hole in the parking lot. She couldn't drive out of it, so I told her I'd push.  She didn't believe me.  But I got out, got behind her SUV, and pushed that baby out of the hole.  I hate to brag, but I'm kind of a super hero.

It was a great night out.  We reminisced, we caught up on each other's lives, and we laughed until we had tears and salsa falling down our faces. I drank two huge strawberry margaritas.  We made a Bucket List.  We are going to accomplish that Bucket List.  Even the part about winning a pig at the county fair. It's happening.

I loved just kicking back and having a pressure-free, easy, fun-filled night out with a close friend who's known me approximately two-thirds of my life. It also made me miss some of my Scottish friends, though.  I miss having pressure-free, easy, fun-filled nights with them too. 

In the meantime, I'm enjoying getting to know a few new people, particularly my fellow 'soccer moms' and a couple of my neighbors.  It's nice to have people around, people I feel comfortable with and click with.  The kids are enjoying the new-found friendships too.  It's all coming together.

We're all pretty happy.

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