Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Jelly Orange Slices

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jelly orange 7

I saw a picture of these on Facebook and just had to try them.  They are super easy and don’t take a lot of time.  In fact, they are so easy, they don’t really need the following step-by-step, but since I bothered to photograph the process, I might as well share it.

This recipe took between four and five navel oranges.  It depends on the size of your orange.  I started with four and had just enough jelly (jello) left for one half more.

jelly orange 1 
 jelly orange 2

The orange pieces we managed not to eat on the spot will feature in tomorrow’s lunches.

jelly orange 3

One word of caution – don’t pierce your peel at all.  Or pull out the navel leaving a hole.  It ruins everything.

jelly orange 4 
 jelly orange 5

You don’t want your jelly/o to fall apart so make it thicker by adding only 3/4 cup of cold water to your 1 cup of boiled water and dissolved jelly mixture, instead of a full cup of cold water.

jelly orange 6

Big tip – use a muffin pan to hold your peels.  I don’t have a muffin pan yet in my new home, and this was the most precarious part.  The peels kept tipping over and pouring out my jelly.  I had to prop them all up together to keep them upright, and still they spilled when I transferred them to the fridge for chilling.

jelly orange 7

After they are fully chilled, quarter and hey presto!  I can’t wait to put these in tomorrow’s lunches.  They’d be good for parties too.  I’m going to try it with lemons, limes, any fruit with a firm peel! Ooh, and if you use sugar-free jelly, they are keto-friendly too.

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