Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Edible Pencils: School Packed Lunch Ideas

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For Fi’s first day of school after the summer holidays, I wanted to have a really cute Back To School lunch ready for her. I thought for a week what to put into it, and came up with this cute (and delicious) idea: Edible Colored Pencils!

These turned out to be really, really easy and really, really tasty. All you need is any kind of breadsticks and some colored candy melts.

I used these Wheat Thins, and they turned out to be perfect, but any breadstick or even pretzel would do. I wanted to use blue, red and yellow candy melts so that I could mix the colours and make a full set, but my local craft store didn’t have any yellow in, so I went with blue, red and green.

Start out by melting a few candy melts in the microwave in small containers. I used cupcake holders which were the perfect size.

I melted each color individually, so the others wouldn’t harden while I was working. Once melted, I spread the color over the stick, almost to the end, but leaving the last centimeter uncolored. I might have gotten a more even coat if I’d made enough melted candy to dip the sticks into, or if I’d used a pastry brush. As it was, I just used a spoon. I then rested each pencil on plastic to let them dry and harden completely.

(Yes, that was a blurry shot.)

After they dried, I made the last finishing touch to make them really look like little pencils. I dipped the uncovered tip just barely in the colored melts to make the tip of the pencil. I laid them back down to dry.

And voila! They looked remarkably like little colored pencils and turned out really cute! But the most important thing was yet to be checked… Did they taste good?

In short, OH YEAH.

I can’t wait to see the look on Fifi’s face when she sees these tomorrow in her lunch! I made enough for Lolly’s lunch too.

These took a little bit of time but they were really worth it. These would be great to make in bulk for a class party or for just, well, your kid’s packed lunch!

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