Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project Home Inventory (The Kitchen)

***The following series is boring and functional. Nevertheless, if you want to buy some of my stuff, read on. Your regularly scheduled exciting, poignant and tear-jerking posts will resume after these messages.***

I've been giving myself a project-a-month since the start of this year, generally focusing on my 2013 Goal "Simplicity". My current project underway (Lent - giving up negativity) has been going ever so poorly these past couple of weeks as life is piling up on top of me, kids have been ill, I've been too busy, etc. Luckily, Lent is almost over and I can stop feeling like a failure soon enough.

My April goal is entitled "Project Home Inventory". As we will be selling/giving away everything in preparation for our cross-Atlantic move in June(ish), I've been trying to think of the best way of clearing out. I've been clearing out slowly every since the start of the year as part of my Simplicity project anyway, but now it's getting close to time to get serious about it. A friend suggested on Facebook making a list of everything that will be going to be shared and passed around among friends and friends-of-friends. And it was a good idea!

I will be going through each room in my house and making an inventory of what is to be sold or given away. Some things we have a price in mind for, which is noted; other things, it's just whatever you are willing to offer. And some things we just want to give away to a good home! If there are a few unpriced items you are interested in, just offer us something for the lot, and we'll be happy for your donation. :)

As things get claimed, I'll mark them off the list. As I find things I forgot to mention, I'll add them to the top (with stars to denote new items).

Happy (even though it's also kinda sad) shopping!


- Full size refrigerator/freezer - approx £100 or best offer
- 3 glass storage jars (for pasta, rice, lentils, etc) - FREE
- Kettle - FREE
- 3 black and white Coffee, Tea and Sugar tins with lids - FREE
- Wire fruit bowl and wire egg basket - FREE
- Electric hand mixer - £5
- Electric hand-held blender - FREE
- Iron - £5
- Old fold-down flaps table (only good for use as work table, unless you intend to cover it) - FREE
- 6 chairs (and a table if you want it, but it's done in) - £20 for all
- Washing Machine (4 years old) - £50
- Dishwasher - £30
- 2 black flower tea/coffee pouring pitchers, heat-containing - £6 together
- assorted glass baking/casserole dishes - £1 each
- assorted pie dishes - £1 each
- 1 almost complete set of purple dinner dishes - 8 piece - £10
- 1 almost complete set of red dinner dishes - 8 piece - £10
- assorted kids' dishes (plates, bowls, cups, cutlery) - FREE
- assorted vases - £1 each or just a £donation
- 1 "questionable" cake pan - ask for details!!! -£5
- 1 wire cupcake display stand - £1
- Electric knife - £5
- ironing board MMcF
- assorted frying pans and sauce pans -SM
- Electric full size blender - £5 JTh
- Kenmore ice cream maker - £10 KS
- Heart-shaped Waffle Maker - £5 JTh
- Cake pop Maker - £5 -LT
- Slow cooker - 1 full size, 1 miniature - LCal
- Bread machine - £15 KS
- 8 shelf EXPEDIT Ikea unit- white - £30 -LMcE
- 2x Ikea white high chair SM, RMcL
- Cake pans, all £5: Castle; Checkerboard; large springform (with bundt insert); small springform; small deep round; 2 medium rectangle; 1 Christmas mini-cakes with 6 shapes; KR
- PAMPERED CHEF: baking roller; sandwich sealer/cutter; cake decorating set (3 icing decorators); rotary cheese grater - £10; egg slicer; apple corer/slicer; pineapple corer/slicer KR, LT
-3 pink ceramic mixing-and-baking bowls: S, M, L EmCav
-Pampered Chef stoneware: muffin pan, large bar pan, square dish, round pizza stone KR, LT
- Microwave (700watt) - MKW

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