Monday, March 18, 2013

How's the Weather?

Phew! Well now that that's off my chest...!

There's just so much to say that I've been wanting to say but couldn't say! Yet now that I have the opportunity... I can't think of anything. So yeah.

So. It's the end of March and it's half snowing/ half raining outside. I have to admit, the number one thing I'm looking forward to is decent weather. (Sorry, family and friends, looks like you've come in second.) I even went so far as to buy a summer skirt and two tank tops today while in the mall - and get this, the tank tops are to wear by themselves. Not just under my jacket under my jumper under my t-shirt, but alone, bare-armed and all. Crazy.

And I'm looking forward to not having wet trouser legs all the time, and soggy shoes and socks.

But I'm not looking forward to overwhelming heat and humidity so thick and stifling that you can't breathe outside and the moment you open your front door, you are sticky with sweat. And I'm not looking forward to opening my car door on a summer afternoon, and having to roll down the window immediately just to let the actual visible waves of heat pour out then roll them back up quickly so the air conditioner air doesn't escape.

Swings and roundabouts, six or half a dozen, or as we'd say in Arkansas... hmm. What would we say in Arkansas?

I'm off to bed. Feeling exhausted and a bit (a lot) overwhelmed by the all the things we need to sort out in the next couple of months. Plus, Baby Jaguar has the chicken pox, and Lolly doesn't feel well, and I'm just in from dress rehearsal for a show that starts tomorrow evening. I was going to do my Tesco online shopping tonight, but methinks I'll save that for tomorrow morning when *fingers crossed* Baby J is sleeping.

(In case your deductive skills are not all they could be, Baby Jaguar is Jaguar, so named by his big sister Lolly while still in utero. She's got a thing for Dora the Explorer.)


  1. Your description of the weather is spot on (hard to forget it). I had to look back at your earlier post to see it for real. CONGRATULATIONS!! I don't envy your break with Scotland, but I'm thrilled you'll be a pond closer. Blessings during your transition.

  2. Thanks, Ashlea. It'll be nice being back. And I can't wait to meet those babies of yours... who are totally not babies any more!

  3. Lori,

    Fayetteville has its first round-about. It's on the north east side of Washington Regional. Of course, the damn fools mucked it up by creating a stone embankment that inhibits the view across the round-about....


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