Saturday, June 02, 2012

Project: Nesting - Part 2

Now that I'm officially off work, I've started getting down and dirty (literally) with my housework. Last night, I completely gutted the rabbits' den. I pulled out the cage, the rugs, the pen, the supply box, everything and hoovered and cleaned everything. Then I put it back together. I'd also bought a carpet protector for putting underneath the rugs, since Chewy, true to his name, has started tearing up the rugs, and I was afraid he'd tear straight down into the actual carpet. Unfortunately, after all that work last night, I discovered that the carpet protector wasn't big enough, so I had to go buy two more today to cover the rest of their area. So tonight, I'll be taking it all apart again and fitting two more protectors.

I have also started clearing out cupboards and bookshelves, and dusting them. I just finished cleaning the bathroom. I'm being ruthless, throwing out everything that isn't of greatest value or use to us. I have more laundry to sort, more toys to go through and clear out, new cloth nappies to wash/dry/wash/dry/wash/dry until I'm sure they will be absorbent enough, and lots of clothes to put on eBay.

I have two craft projects to start and then finish - a quilt and a wall hanging for my friend's son who should've gotten both for his birth but now will maybe get it for his first birthday. I have some mending to do. (I'll do that tonight! Yes, I will!) I need to clear out the shelves in the hall. I need to mop. I am going to make my house sparkle, and it's going to feel niiiice.

All this clearing out also means I need to make a trip to the destructor (dumpster) as all these bags of rubbish won't fit in my bins. I have already cleared out my car and have only to get it valeted inside now to feel like that job is complete. The kids will be set to the job of cleaning their own room, and then all I'll need to do is go in after them and hoover/sort stuff.

And then my house will be clean enough to accept the present my mother-in-law is getting me for Baby Bump - a couple of hours of housework from a cleaner. Yes, I believe in cleaning my house before the cleaner comes. I can't let her see the ACTUAL squalor that we live in, can I?? Besides, the house will be a tip again before she arrives later this week anyway.


Besides that, I'm feeling pretty energetic, for a 35 week pregnant woman. We took the kids to the park today. I'm doing a TinyTalk birthday party tomorrow. I'm going to an Aquanatal class on Tuesday. I'm EVEN considering putting on my pregnancy pilates DVD and doing some exercise. If Scott can remember to get the bicycle pump out of the cellar, I can even blow up my birthing ball and do some exercises on it. I saw some 1.5kg hand weights in a shop the other day for fairly cheap and am seriously considering buying them to work on my arm strength, to get my arms looking shapely instead of sausagey again. Ahh, bursts of energy are great until they are gone.

But before I start in again on my evening rituals of house-gutting, I think I need to relax with a cup of tea and a warm bath with bubbles. Yesss....

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