Thursday, May 31, 2012

Maternity Leave "To Do"

Well, I am now officially on maternity leave. What a feeling! There is so much to do, but now that I am off work (with the exception of a few weeks left of TinyTalk, can't forget about that!), I feel I have time to get it all done.

What do I have left to do?

I need/want to:

Clean out my car. Take out car seats, clear out junk and toys and go get it valeted. I'll do the clear out today, but the valeting next week when kids are in school and nursery.

Take photos of all the stuff I am getting rid of and put it on eBay. I need to make some money now that I'm not working!

Clean - as in disinfect - the rabbit cage. I bought a carpet protector today, so plan on doing a full-on rabbit area clean.

Mop the kitchen floor. I will not admit to how long it's been since I mopped it.

Blitz the bathroom. Floor to ceiling, literally. There is mildew on the ceiling that needs cleaned and bleached. Though I think the ceiling will be a Scott job, as it might not be wise for me to climb a ladder at 8 months pregnant.

Those are the big things. Besides that, I intend to spend my maternity leave relaxing, finishing up craft projects long overdue, reading books, getting massages and pedicures, and generally enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy and solitude.

Unless baby decides to come early, it's going to be bliss. :)

P.S. Just spoke to my father-in-law on the phone. My sister/brother-in-law need someone to watch Adam tomorrow afternoon. Haha, some start to my maternity leave from childminding - looking after the boy I childmind! Haha.

P.P.S. Go check out my daughter's new blog. Five year old Fifi has a Music Reviews blog!

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