Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rare Quiet Moment

This is one of the moments that are few and far between: the only sound is the dishwasher running. Fifi is zonked out on the couch, and Lolly is zonked out in the swing. I need to get dinner started, but I'm touching base here first.

We are all better, finally. Sickness is over, for the most part. Fifi is finishing up her antibiotics, and my voice is nearly back to normal. (I'm convinced it took longer to come back after I lost it, because I had to run two baby signing classes while it was gone, and the singing seemed to destroy the old voicebox.)

Fifi has been wearing 'big girl pants' since Sunday. She's only had a few accidents, surprisingly. She has been in a nappy only for nap and bedtimes; saying that, however, she's in pants just now while she naps, so we'll see how she awakes. She's been out and about as usual in pants, and we've had no problems! She went to Toddlers on Tuesday, a creche on Wednesday, and Toddlers and the breastfeeding group today. I'm so, so proud of her.

We have also been making up for our lost Valentine's this week. Last night, Scott and I (with Lolly) went to Thai Siam for a delicious meal. Yesterday morning, I baked my heart-shaped cake (not the one I wanted to do), and I frosted it today. We'll have it tonight. Dinner is nothing special tonight, but I'm glad we got around to doing at least a small something for Valentine's. I'd have loved to do cookie bouquets or something for Fifi, but she'll just have to settle on a heart cake. I think she'll be fine with that.

And what else... There's not much else to share. I'm just really, really looking forward to travelling to Arkansas in a few weeks (seven, I think). And also thinking it's really weird that in about the same time, I'll be 27 years old. 27 sounds like that age right before you're too old. Right before 28. 28 just sounds too close to 30. I never pictured myself being 30. 27 is about as old as I think I'll allow myself to get. (Scott likes to point out that's when all the good rock stars die. Don't think I'm ready to die, though, so maybe I'll have to go older.)

Okay, off to make dinner, even though I'm so not hungry enough to eat it. Still not 100% back to normal yet, when it comes to appetite. The plus side is the weight loss from not wanting to eat!

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