Friday, February 27, 2009

Addicted to Shopping

I am psychologically unable to pop into Tesco and buy only what is on my list.

Today I 'popped in' for mop wipes and an avocado. Only. Determined that is all I would buy, I left the shop with this:

2 packs of mop wipes
2 avocados
A loaf of bread
A loaf of garlic bread
2 bags of okra (reduced to .99p each)
1 red pepper
2 bags of bagels (on special, 2 for £1.50)
BBQ chicken pieces
2 packs of cocktail sausages (on special, 2 for £3)
3 pouches of Plum baby food (on special, 3 for £2, which was a savings of .97p. For 4 months down the line)
Frozen hash browns
Philadelphia cream cheese (for the bagels)
1 4-pack of D batteries (turns out I needed C)
2 tubs of spreadable butter (on special, half price)
2 tea towels (they had hearts on them and were reduced from Valentine's Day)
3 packs of flowery napkins (on special, .37p each)

It's an illness.

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