Thursday, February 05, 2009

Making It Easy - Potty Training

Warning: The following will only interest other parents. It may disturb others.

Let me just brag about my little two-year old. Without me even halfway encouraging it, Fifi is literally potty-training herself. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she started telling me every time she needs to potty. Then she proceeds to go in the potty. This morning, she carried her potty into the bathroom, took off her pajama pants, took off her nappy, sat down and went. Incredible! It's actually too soon for me, as it's nearly impossible to keep it up in public with a newborn. I mean, where do you put your baby when your toddler suddenly needs to go?

She's only had a few accidents in the past week. Most days we've come home from whatever we've done through the day, and Fi has taken off her nappy and gone nappyless the rest of the evening.

She is also now getting very upset when she needs to go, and she has to go in her nappy. She freaked out today in the car, because she had to go in her nappy. She also told me she needed to go about a mile from the house. I asked her to hold it, and when we got home, she used the potty! She held it!

This is just crazy to me. I'm so proud of her. I wonder at what point I should I start letting her wear 'big girl pants' outside the house?

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