Thursday, May 22, 2008

Night Weaning Does Not Equal No Night Waking

The night weaning process has been going reasonably well. The first night was not nearly as bad as we both expected. Scott cuddled her and rocked her and whispered I Love You to her all night in our room, while I slept in Fifi's room. The second night though was much harder, and I had to come in and help. That only made it worse as she started asking for milk, so eventually I had to leave again. Last night I took over a bit more, and it went really well. She never asked for milk once, until morning, which is when she's allowed to feed again. (The milk goes to 'sleepy' until we all wake up in the morning.) She did get a bit upset when Scott came to bed as I think she must've thought that meant I was leaving, but she settled back down and went to sleep again.

Even though she's not nursing at night now, though, it doesn't mean she's sleeping through! She still wakes a lot all night, but now she rolls over, cuddles one of us and goes back to sleep. We'll go along with this a little while longer, I think, until she's used to it (and maybe sleeping longer?) before moving her to her own bed for the night. I don't know how she'll feel about sleeping alone. It must be awfully scary for a little child to suddenly sleep alone in another room, no matter how much she loves that room in the daytime.

It definitely has helped my frame of mind to not nurse at night. Now, when she nurses during the day, I feel much more patient with her than I had been before. I'm glad of that.

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