Friday, May 16, 2008

Long Overdue

I've been given into trouble by several people via email for not updating so here's a quickie while I prepare dinner (chicken fried rice, in case you care).

I am tired.

Fifi is a wonderful joy in my life, but these past weeks I've had to remind myself of that over and over to keep my sanity. I think she's hit her twos... I won't call them 'terrible' because I think that's unfair to children, considering all they are going through inside. But you can imagine the kind of behaviour she's been exhibiting if I just mention that particular age.

She's great, really, but the tantrums! Scott and I have decided to just ignore her when she flies off the handle and do something extra 'interesting' like look a picture book together until she a) realises we are ignoring her and b) realises we are doing something far more interesting without her. It's working a little. I did it today at Maria's house and within seconds her screaming subsided as she peaked over my lap to see what I was doing.

She's really lovely when she sleeps though. I like her a lot at those times.

Let's see, what else... Well, weeks ago I posted about doctors and my general distrust of them. Well, I went to see the other doctor in my practice (the female one) and decided I love her. She has the best 'bedside manner' of any doctor I've ever met. I will now be requesting her any time we need to go in. She breastfeeds her kids until they are around one. Good woman!

Speaking of breastfeeding, this week was Breastfeeding Awareness Week. I will probably be in the paper this weekend. I'll try to scan the article or link to it or something for you if I can.

Oh yeah. My parents were here for two weeks. They are back home now, but we had such a wonderful time with them. They had a good time too. Dad did a lot of cycling and Mom did a lot of shopping. She also helped me finish Fifi's room, paint the bathroom and paint a wall in our living room. Dad hung the shades in Fifi's room. It was so nice having handy people around. I'll take pictures of all of the above this weekend but not now as my cake is about to come out of the oven (chocolate for a little girls-only party I'm going to tonight! No toddlers!) and dinner is ready and I've got to go pick Scott up from work.

Mom, Aunt Phyllis, was this good enough for you?

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