Saturday, May 24, 2008

Again With The Night Weaning

I know this seems to be all I have to talk about, but when you are a sleep-deprived mother, all of your conversations do tend to gravitate towards sleeping problems.

Fifi is still waking often at night, but last night was better (compared to the night before, when she woke every half hour crying). She's getting the hang of putting herself back down to sleep, but the problem hour seems to be 4am when the sun comes up. I think she's starting to 'get' that she gets milk before bedtime and then milk when the sun comes up. In reality, it's milk any time after 6am (preferrably later!) but of course, that means nothing to an infant. Last night she slept relatively well, until 4 when she cried for about thirty minutes, before drifting back off to sleep. At 6 she woke again and I nursed her back down until 7.30. When she woke then, I didn't feed her, but took her downstairs for breakfast of banana and freshly squeezed orange juice. (Really! I squeezed the oranges myself! Yummy.) She was very patient and ate about three bites of banana, so I call that success.

Eating habits, sleeping habits, potty training - mothers have such interesting things to talk about. Snore.

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