Monday, October 16, 2006

On Holiday!

Ahh, the October Week has begun. I have nowhere to be, nothing to do, no responsibilities.

All that (besides the fact that it is October Week) is a lie, but that's okay. I do have things to do and places to be this week, and as far as no responsibilities - ha! I've gotta get this house clean (and really tackle that mountain of laundry), but it's all in my own time. It feels great.

So since I'm off all week (except for Wednesday, I have to go in on Wednesday to answer phones - gah! but I'm pretending that doesn't exist) I'll try to be a more consistent poster here. My mom noted that I haven't updated on my back, which I haven't done because oh-boohoo-Lori-doesn't-feel-well doesn't make for the greatest reading but quickly, it is feeling much better. The osteopathy seems to be helping a lot, and the sacro-iliac pain is hardly noticable at all these days! I'll be seeing a physio too sometime in the near future, which should help with the ligament pain, but in general, I'm hunky-dory.

And I'm on holiday.

Eating a bag of Haribo 'Horror Mix'. Mmm... gummy bats.

I think after I've thrown in a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, taken a shower and picked up some materials for tonight (for my Esther talk at church - I'm making a 'visual aid'), I might sit back and watch a film while eating a Hot Pocket. For a week!

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