Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I hate being a grumpy blogger so I'll make this brief.

As much as I can still honestly say I love being pregnant, OH MY GOODNESS I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THE PAIN. I don't think all pregnant women experience loads of pain. And I know many experience more pain than I am. So it's all relative, right? We all have to take what we get right? But dude, my entire midsection, from my breasts down to my pelvis, and from my shoulders down to my butt, feel like they are on freaking fire. I'm not kidding. I'm not using 'fire' as a normal descriptive pain term. I mean, LITERAL FIRE. My entire back feels like it's up in flames from the inside, and my abdomen gets loads of little 'sparks' that feel like a dry leaf that has caught a few sparks from a larger fire and are just burning holes in the affected areas. And to top it off, my burning forest of a body then feels as if a tire iron has been wrapped around it and tightened, then left there.

The pain was so excruciating that I actually experienced road rage today trying to get home from work into a hot bath. I nearly rammed someone from behind because they were going SO UNBELIEVABLY SLOW, and then when they put on their indicator to turn off, I revved the engine and sped right past them in first gear, the engine howling and nearly sideswiped a parked car in my anger. That is so not me, folks. I may be an angry woman waiting to happen in most cases, but I'm an exceptionally calm driver (unless of course I've stalled the car and then the stupid thing won't start up again and I do get really panicked in those cases, but I don't blame the drivers flipping me off as they drive up on the curb to pass me).

I went to see a physio today. She was incredibly nice and told me I had good posture, but pretty much everything she told me to do I'm already doing. So other than the comfort of having someone sympathise with my pain, not a lot of good it did. She did show me how to tilt my pelvis in a funny way when standing up, which was new (and entertaining) so perhaps it wasn't a total loss.

I'm still going to see the osteopath too, because even though it's a bit weird and creepy, it seems to totally be helping. That pain in my butt that was my complaint two weeks ago? Gone. 100% gone. Either gone, or moved up to higher, more flammable places. It's expensive though, so I'm hoping she was correct when she said she thought she'd only need to see me two more times. It seems in some ways a bit crazy to pay a lady for barely moving her fingertips along my spine, but if it helps, well, I kinda trust non-mainstream-medical people a bit more anyway.

And on that note - things I'm looking into now: Vaccinations. Here's a good starting place if you're interested.

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