Friday, October 27, 2006


Yesterday evening after work I sat in traffic for two hours.

I cried for the whole first hour.

In frustration.

And from back pain.

I left the school at 4.35. By 5.35 I was on the street facing the school.

I'd driven the 17 minutes down the road to the Erskine Bridge only to see orange cones lining the slip road to the Bridge. No signs indicated this prior to arrival. Instead I had to drive on into an area I've never been before. I got semi-lost, finally found a roundabout that pointed me back to Glasgow and then... I sat.

In Glasgow rush hour traffic.

Until 6.10.

At which point I'd reached the other side of the Erskine Bridge and traffic was running smoothly. I got home at 6.36.

I hate commuting.

The Long Drive Home

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